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Benha Univesity News Archive, Year: 2017, Month: Dec.

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University News Archive for Month Dec. of 2017

Benha University's council approves on the research plan of the University
Presenting the recommendations of the populations indicator forum 2017
A program of the pets' medicine in the faculty of veterinary medicine
Abu Salim is the head of the newcomers unit in Benha University
“We seek to direct our attention to Africa in response of the president's orders” EL-kady says in Benha University's council
19835 students are having their first term exams in the faculty of commerce
A moment of faithfulness and gratitude from the University president and the department of the mechanical engineering to prof.Dr. Muhammad Salah El-Din Abbas Hamed
Cordial congratulations of the New Year 2018
Benha University establishes websites for the governmental schools
El-kady hosts the delegation of the capital Chinese University and stresses on the importance of cooperation between Benha University and Chinese Universities
EL-kady thanks the students for the success of the students' elections
The University's council approves to establishes young leaders center
Treating 2100 patients in Kafr-Batta in Benha University comprehensive convoy
A big demand from the inhabitant of Kafr-Batta to the Benha University comprehensive convoy
Establishing an anti-harassment Unit in Benha University
Launching an anti-terrorism document in Benha University
A forum about the healthcare insurance law to be held in Benha University
The faculty of engineering and the faculty of science win the awards of the contest of the best faculties' members' links in October 2017
“We need to help the president by working with him” says EL-Kady in the population indicators forum
El-Gendy thanks Benha University for holding the population indicators forum
The supervising committee of carrying out the strategic plan finishes the assessment of 500 activities
A call to take part in the questionnaire entitled “the role of the Egyptian knowledge Bank in enhancing the research abilities”
The exams of the faculty of nursing starts in Benha University
3 teams to supervise the strategic plan of Benha University
The university president endorses the fund of the research proposals of the young researchers
“Web development using open sources” program in the faculty of computer and informatics
“We seek openness to the works and cooperate with the developed Universities” says El-kady
The faculty of science wins the state award of individuals and organizations
Extending the time to present the research proposals by the amount of one million and half L.E. to serve the national project till December 2017
EL-Kady visits the faculty of engineering in the University of Mikazaki
A protocol to be signed between Benha University and Kyutech institute in Japan
67 projects compete to win three awards at the end of the exhibition of science and engineering in Benha University
11253 students do the exams of the open-learning at the faculty of law
A workshop at the faculty of education to revise the strategic plan of the University
A forum of population indicators to be held tomorrow
A big attendance to vote in eleven faculties
The first protest to reject the Judaization of Jerusalem
“The employees should be selected efficiently” says Qulubia security director
“Fighting corruption is our responsibility” says Qulubia governor in Benha University
The vice president of community service inspects the students' elections
The result of the contest of the best faculties' member links will be declared during 48 hours
The veterinary medicine syndicate honors the top scholars in the faculty of veterinary medicine
The reelections will be held at ten faculties in Benha University
Student elections will be held next Sunday
“Benha University is in a race with fighting corruption” says the head of the authority of administrative control
“Most of the Egyptians are innocent and the corruption destroys the countries”
Benha university participates in the 11th international conference of e-learning and education technology ICT –LEARN 2017
Benha University organizes a protest against the American unjust decision
Benha University celebrates the international day of the fighting corruption
979 students run for the elections in Benha University
Benha University participates in the proceedings of the 4th National Erasmus day
Benha University convoy visits the families of EL-Rowda Mosque martyrs
Anti-terrorism document to be issued by Benha University
“Terrorism knows no difference between Muslims and Christians” says the representative of EL-Azhur grand Imam in Benha University
“We have to discard the disputes and stand firm and united behind our president” says EL-Kady in the forum entitled “the university's role in fighting terrorism
“The church bells ring to console El-Rowda mosque martyrs” says the priest Athanasius in Benha University
Benha university council decides to let the armed forces build the new projects
Benha university council approves on EL-Kady suggestion to have a day for the top students
The sector committee approves to establish a faulty of physical education for the girls in Benha
A forum to be held about the University's role in fighting terrorism
Starting to revise the strategic planning in the faculties of Benha University
8.6 million Pounds of young researchers projects in Benha University
Prof.Dr. Abdel Fattah Monged wins the organizations and individuals award
EL-Kady heaps praise on the performance of the University hospitals and urges the employees to exert more efforts to satisfy the citizens
The inauguration of the exhibition of artistic creations in the faculty of specific education
Dr. Islam Sharaway participates with the “acoustic shield” in Cairo ICT fair
Benha University holds a ceremony of the top scholars
El-Kady asks to provide Upper Egypt and the country side with the internet services for the sake of justice
The organizing committee finishes the final preparations of the population forum in its sixth meeting
“One Million Egyptian pounds to establish the innovation center” says the university president
The university president calls the youth to be in the first lines
Benha university comprehensive convoy in the village of Abu Hasan and Mit EL-Hoffeen has finished is activities
A committee to be formed to enhance the efficiency of the network of the Benha University
Online Information Session about the GERLS Programme on 21 Dec
Benha University's council deputizes El-Kady to send a convoy to Beer EL-Abad
The scientific excellence day to be held in Benha University today
Benha University honors 250 researchers and students
El-Kady calls for participating in the students unions elections
Benha University discusses the research plan 2017-2022
Workshops to be held in a fulfillment of the new quality management requirements
Newton Mosharafa announces .. Leaders in Innovation Programme 2017/2018

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